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Do a Skin Cancer Self-Exam in 7 Steps 

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  • Cruciferous and leafy green veggies
  • Citrus fruits
  • Tomatoes
  • Fish
  • Herbs
  • Olive oil

Besides fighting skin cancer, the Mediterranean diet can also prevent other chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and other cancers. 

Final thoughts on performing a self-exam as part of your skincare routine

Skin cancer is no respecter of persons. People of all different backgrounds can get it regardless of skin color. The good news is that it’s very treatable if you detect skin cancer soon enough. But if not seen in time, it can damage your tissues and organs. A skincare self-exam is a step towards finding skin cancer before it develops. You don’t need special equipment, only a hand mirror and a full-length mirror to do the self-exam. Skin cancers can look like moles or skin tags that change, turn red, bleed or itch. Please don’t ignore these spots that look different, assuming it’s nothing to worry about. You try to take care of your skin the best you can, and doing a skincare self-exam is the first step towards having healthy skin. 


Green 85

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