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Guided Meditation: Heart-Based Mindfulness – About Meditation

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A lot of us meditate in and from our heads. But you know what? When we meditate, our whole heart and body is actually involved.

If we don’t recognize that and consciously engage with it, we’re missing out on a lot of the wisdom and intelligence that’s naturally flowing through our experience each time we meditate.

In this guided meditation, we spend the hour doing a blend of mindfulness practices to ground ourselves in the body and connect to the heart. Then I lead you through 20 minutes of basic mindfulness meditation focused on the breath.

During this phase of the practice, you will work on two essential meditation skills: Steering and Staying. Steering the attention back to your meditation object and then staying on that meditation object.

Steering and staying are foundational skills for all meditators. Those are two pillars upon which we build our inner temple.

And perhaps just as important, in our age of fragmented attention, honing your ability to steer and stay your attention is essential. Most of our online world is habituating us to do the opposite.

Remember, your capacity to rest your attention on any object of focus–staying–is directly related to your capacity for calmly and intentionally navigating life.

After the meditation, we finish with a heart-expanding song with an accompanying mudra or hand position.

This practice will help ground your attention in your heart center, balance the two hemispheres of your brain, and bring deep calm and relaxation to your day.

Oh, and just a quick note. In the beginning of the video, I mix up my words and say that we need to move from our heart to our head. Obviously, that’s wrong. In meditation, we are aiming to shift our basis of operation from our head to our heart.

Heart Based Guided Meditation

  • Introduction
  • Chanting
  • Pranayama
  • Guided Meditation – Basic Mindfulness
  • Music
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