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In honor of Mindfulness Day, check out these stories on meditation practice and advice from mindful.org and Mindful magazine.

Mindfulness Day—September 12—was created by the not-for-profit Wisdom Publications as a way to promote mindfulness and raise awareness about its benefits. 

People around the world will be celebrating through workshops, meditation groups, or simply by taking a few minutes out of their days to be mindful. 

Here are a few articles that show how you can incorporate mindfulness into your life, from full-out practice pieces to small ways we can bring mindfulness into our lives every day. 

What is Mindfulness: If you want to know what mindfulness is, it’s best to try it for a while. Since it’s hard to nail down in words, you will find slight variations in the meaning in books, websites, audio, and video. We’ve put together a compilation of resources to get you started on your mindfulness journey. 

5 Simple Mindfulness Practices for Daily Life: Pausing to practice mindfulness for just a few minutes at different times during the day can help you lead your day with purpose and intent. Try these five daily practices from a suite of mindfulness experts designed to bring more mindfulness into your life. 

7 Things Mindful Families Do Differently:  In this article, Elisha Goldstein and Stefanie Goldstein compiled a list of seven things that mindful families do differently to help inspire you and your family to live a more loving, connected life.  

6 Ways to Enjoy Mindful Walking: Walking is a movement we do every day, and like breathing, it’s usually something we do without much thought. Getting outside to walk deliberately in nature can open our eyes, offering new perspectives different from those we encounter indoors. Here are six ways to get the most out of your next walk.

Mindfulness for Kids:  By teaching children meditation and mindfulness skills we help them increase their well-being and enable them to meet the stresses of the world with presence, self-compassion, and openness. Explore our guide on how to introduce mindfulness and meditation to your children—at any age.

How Mindfulness Helps You Find Time: Mindfulness offers practical tools to help take back your time, get off the hamster wheel, and check in honestly with yourself. By taking simple, five-minute mindful breaks, we can become more cognizant of our thoughts, body sensations, emotions, behaviors, and habits. Shonda Moralis shares the importance of taking a mindful break and the importance of checking with yourself.  

How Your Mindfulness Practice Can Support the World: While mindfulness can have immense personal benefits, it can also benefit the world in a multitude of ways. Mindfulness equips us for times when we’re asked to listen and act. Mindful’s managing editor Stephanie Domet and editor-in-chief Heather Hurlock share three ways your mindfulness practice can help those around you. 

Why We Find it Hard to Meditate: Having some setbacks? Ed and Deb Shapiro examine the most common reasons people give for not meditating and offer some helpful advice for overcoming those obstacles.

Put it Into Practice

Real Mindful: In this podcast, you’ll join the editors at Mindful as they explore how mindfulness affects everyday life, in ways ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary. Featuring conversations with mindfulness leaders, Real Mindful lifts up new perspectives and offers expert insight into living mindfully.

Mindful30 Meditation Challenge: With a community of like-minded individuals, Mindful 30 helps you discover new ways to tap into your inner creativity, focus, and resilience with a month of daily guided meditations designed for everyone. 

Mindful Meditation Class: This free, weekly meditation class is designed to give you the opportunity to virtually provides an opportunity to practice mindfulness in a virtual community, virtually, in an effort to deepen our personal practice and support our commitment to overall well-being. 

Radical Self-Care Course: Your mindfulness journey won’t always be linear, and when you find yourself amidst a twist or turn, it’s important you move forward with compassion and self-care. In this course, you’ll learn how to reclaim the definition of self-care and address your own needs so you can return to the world as a kinder, gentler version of yourself.

Life is rarely, if ever, constant. And it can be difficult to remain balanced in the midst of change. Susan Bauer-Wu shares a guided meditation to ground us in the present moment and cultivate equanimity.
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  • Susan Bauer-Wu
  • August 24, 2021

Cardiologist Jonathan Fisher unpacks the need to be aware of what the epidemic of burnout looks like, and how mindfulness can serve healthcare providers.
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  • Jonathan Fisher
  • August 19, 2021

Jenée Johnson leads a practice to foster returning to ourselves whenever our mind wanders.
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  • Jenée Johnson
  • August 19, 2021
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