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How To Live a Fuller Life Without Losing Yourself

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4. Learn To Forgive Yourself as Well as Others

According to Dr. Helen Brown from Positive Psychology, you must practice self-compassion exercises to ensure you forgive yourself. You’re your worst critic, and you blame yourself every time you fail. Stop crying over spilled milk, pick yourself up, and keep going.

When you do fall, and you will, you need to learn not to blame others. Accept that you made a mistake and find a way to learn from it. Dr. Brown further states that you must balance taking responsibility for your actions and keeping a positive sense of self.

5. Know Your Limits

An article in Psychology Today explains how you should set boundaries with other people–and for yourself. Do you often take on more than you can handle?

It’s a common problem when people don’t know how to say no. The boundaries you set for your life can be multifaceted, and they can include these types:

  • Emotional
  • Intimacy
  • Financial
  • Physical
  • Digital

If you always find yourself exhausted, you must evaluate your boundaries. Examine the times you’ve said “yes” when you should have said “no.” When it comes to living a fuller life and the boundaries of others, never be afraid to stand up for yourself.

Final Thoughts on How to Live Life by Staying True to Yourself

Things change for the better when you begin becoming more faithful to yourself. You will start to recognize your genuine emotions and become stronger. You will learn that the opinion of others matters very little, as you’re living your life for yourself.

Taking off the mask of the fake version of you is freeing. It’s hard to live behind the shadows of what others expect and your failures but cut yourself some slack. Today can be a new day and a fresh start. When you’re true to yourself, you live a fuller life with sweet contentment.

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