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How to USE the 333 Rule For Anxiety

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Sometimes, even someone who has never struggled with anxiety can have an unexpected panic attack. So, no matter how mild or chronic your anxiety is, it’s always good to learn ways to manage it. One of the simplest and most effective techniques is the 333 rule. It’s very straightforward, so it’s easy to remember and implement when going through something. As the name suggests, this technique is based on finding three things you can see, hear and touch.

The aim is to stimulate your senses in a way that allows you to get out of your head. By using these senses, you can start grounding yourself. You can start relaxing as soon as you feel like you are back in the real world. Be careful not to trigger a spiral again, and give yourself time before thinking about whatever you were worried about. Also, remember that if you’re struggling with a disorder, this technique is just an addition to treatment, not a replacement.

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