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Humans of Healthcare: A Guided Workshop for Processing Trauma and Sharing Our Stories

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With Reena Kotecha and Jonathan Fisher’s kind and clear guidance, you’ll move through this facilitated journaling and meditation workshop and gently dive deeper into your lived experience of having navigated the pandemic thus far as healthcare practitioners.

Watch the Video:

4 Questions for Reflection:

  • During the pandemic the three most valuable lessons I learned are…
  • For me personally, as a healthcare professional, the three most challenging aspects of the pandemic experience are…
  • The three personal strengths or resources that helped most me during the pandemic are…
  • Following the pandemic experience I intend to make these three changes in my approach to life…

Guided Meditations

A collection of meditations from Reena and Jonathan to ground yourself and welcome a sense of ease.

A 4-Minute Meditation to Welcome Ease with Reena Kotecha

Please feel free to download this meditation.

A 6-Minute Meditation to Check In with Jonathan Fisher

Please feel free to download this meditation.


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Reena Kotecha


PACE Yourself meditation

Jonathan Fisher

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Share Your Story

We want to hear from you at the Healing Healthcare Summit. We feel it’s important to hear directly from healthcare workers and listen to their stories, as a way to bear witness to their experience of the pandemic. To this end, we are calling on all healthcare workers: paramedics, nurses, home caregivers, physicians, administrators, CEOs and so on, to share glimpses of your experience of being on or close to the front lines of the COVID pandemic.

Format: A short (5 minute) video clip recorded on a phone or computer. Content: Below are some guiding questions, crafted by Dr. Reena Kotecha and Dr. Jonathan Fisher, to help in creating your short video.

Prompts: Feel free to choose one or two to answer, or all if you wish.
* What is the most valuable lesson that you have learned during the pandemic?
* What aspect of the pandemic has been most challenging for you personally?
* What personal strength or resource has helped you the most during the pandemic?
* Have you made an intentional change in your approach to life, due to your pandemic experience?

Recording instructions:
• Start the video by stating your name and job title
• Limit response to a maximum of 5 minutes (responses may be shorter)
• Videos may be recorded via phone or computer
• If recording via phone, be sure phone is positioned horizontally

Submit videos with the subject “Humans of Healthcare video submission” to [email protected] by January 25, 2022.


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