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Illinois Man Dresses as Superman to Make People Smile

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Cole also planned to visit St. Louis Children’s Hospital during his time in Illinois. He would wear his Man of Steel gear this time to surprise Bryce and the other children there.

Bryce’s mom was blown away by Cole’s generosity and kindness. She told ABC that there aren’t many people left like him anymore who would go out of their way for a complete stranger.


The family encourages the public to donate to cancer research and children’s hospitals worldwide.

Final Thoughts on People Dressing As Superheroes to Make Others Smile

It’s not every day you get to meet Superman. But when you do, you never forget it. You often see kind citizens wearing superhero outfits in places like nursing homes or children’s hospitals, as Cole did. Since we associate superheroes with bravery and kindness, it’s easy to see why children look up to them.

However, we can all benefit from seeing someone dressed as a superhero, especially when they’re driving a motorcycle! The man from the first story also boosted people’s spirits simply by wearing the Superman costume. The bike also added to the “cool” factor of the ensemble, making people turn their heads when it passed by.

So, if you want to make people smile, wear a Superman outfit the next time you go out. It’s guaranteed to bring joy to anyone who sees you!

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