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Ireland Builds a Bridge Out of Decommissioned Turbine Blades

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Finally, it can be repurposed into the creation of new turbine blades. This circular system offers a more sustainable option for turbine blade materials. The Norwegian company Akers Horizons, a part of Aker Offshore Wind, also wanted to create a unique system for recycling fiberglass material. They worked with the University of Strathclyde to sort and recover glass fiber to be repurposed into new products.

It’s exciting to see how companies find creative ways to reuse these materials. Hopefully, these innovations will continue far into the future.

Final Thoughts on Bridge in Ireland Built from Old Turbine Blades

Turbine blades are notoriously difficult to recycle due to their size and construction materials. Since fiberglass and plastics don’t break down in landfills, companies have begun brainstorming ways to reuse them. In Ireland, scientists and engineers have constructed the second bridge built from decommissioned turbine blades. Moreover, the bridge will be accessible to pedestrians, cyclists, and emergency vehicles. Many engineers commend the project. Furthermore, they have plans to create other bridges using turbine blades.


Other companies have found other sustainable alternatives for repurposing turbine blades, including reinforced concrete and recycling base materials from the blades.

Have you heard of any other unique uses for old turbine blades? Let us know in the comments!

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