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Kind Man Forms an Unbreakable Bond With an Orphaned Baby Magpie 

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Make sure to look out for the book if you’re interested! If you have children who love birds (especially magpies), you’ll definitely want to grab a copy.


“So, it’s safe to say my life changed dramatically when I decided to rescue little Swoop,” Matt concludes. He added that the Universe always rewards a bit of kindness, selflessness and treating others well. This seems true for him, since he’s noticed more abundance in his life after adopting the magpie. So, make sure you put positive energy into the universe, because it will make its way back to you!

Interesting Facts about Magpies

  • Magpies are small to medium-sized birds that belong to the crow family.
  • In the last 35 years, magpie numbers in Britain and Ireland have quadrupled, especially in suburban areas. Some experts believe that the decrease in car strikes is driving the population boom.
  • Magpies are omnivores, but eat a mostly vegetarian diet consisting of grains, berries, nuts and fruit.
  • There are at least 17 species of magpie, spread out across Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.
  • They can reach 16-18 inches in length, with their tail accounting for 50%.
  • The magpie can recognize its reflection in a mirror, making it one of the most intelligent bird species.

Final Thoughts on the Special Friendship Between a Man and a Magpie

Magpies are common pet birds in Australia, Europe, and the US. Many people consider them great companions because of their social, cheerful nature. While birds require a lot of care, they will reward your efforts with affection and friendship. Matt Owens found this out firsthand when he adopted his baby magpie named Swoop, who changed his life for the better.


While Swoop decided to go back to her natural habitat, she left a permanent imprint on Matt’s heart. He’s now dedicated a book to her memory, which will come out early next year. It’s amazing how a tiny animal can make such a big impact on someone’s life. If you have ever owned a pet bird, we’d love to hear your story in the comments!

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