Mindfulness Exercises

Let Go of Thoughts and Let Go of Anxiety

Green 85

Sit up tall in a quiet place where you can be free from distractions
Breathe slowly and evenly in and out through your nose
Let your energy settle by anchoring your attention to the breath
Soften your shoulders, belly and thighs
And watch the breath with a sense of loving awe

Breath in, breath out

Feel the gentle rise and fall of the body
As the body breathes itself
And let yourself drop into a state of being, rather than doing

Right here, right now, just present with the breath

And as you watch the breath, of course, thoughts will still arise
The mind is energy, and always at play
Today, as you notice these thoughts
Watch them as if from a distance
You are not your thoughts, but the witness of these thoughts

It can help to visualize your thoughts as if they are clouds or bubbles
A thought arises, it floats up and into our awareness,
And then if left alone, it will also float on by, dissipate, or burst

Stay anchored to your breath as you play with awareness of this process
Present with breath
But aware of thought clouds, or thought bubbles that arise

Like clouds, like bubbles,
Understand that these thoughts are not solid
Not fixed

They take shape, and they break apart
They are continuously changing shape, blown by the wind
They come and go

We cannot grasp at a cloud or a bubble
And neither is there any point in grasping to these thoughts
So let them be

Remain aware of the breath, as the thoughts do their thing

Avoid chasing, following or attaching to thought
Avoid trying to stop thoughts or push them away

Remain aware of the breath
Aware of this state of being, and not doing
Aware of thoughts, but not thinking

Breath in, breath out

Practice lovingly allowing your thoughts to shift, change and flow
Nothing to fight against, nothing to stop
Love your thoughts, and at the same time, let them go

Remain present, right here and right now
With your breath

Breath in, breath out

Recall that you are not your thoughts, but their witness

Look upon each thought with curiosity, or awe

But again and again, anchor back to the breath
Breath awareness, present with breath

The mind is energy, and energy is always at play
It up to you to choose which type of energy
You’d like to invite in
And then simply let the rest go

Breathe in, and breathe out
Identifying with the energy of stability,
Even breath
Steadiness, peacefulness, and ease

Green 85

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