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Meet a Woman Who is a Real Life Ninja Warrior

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She gives wonderful advice, because many people in the world take themselves far too seriously. While it’s important to achieve your goals, you should also make it fun and laugh along the way!

In many of her videos, you can see this positive attitude in action. For example, she sometimes does crunches with her dog sitting at her feet, feeding her treats as she comes up. Another fun workout involved her doing pull-ups while sitting on a blowup unicorn. Another time, she even peeled a banana with one hand while hanging on a pull-up bar with the other!


If you’re inspired by her workouts and want to become a ninja warrior yourself, Fanny offers some tips on creating a “ninja” home.

Final Thoughts on the Inspiring Ninja Warrior Woman

Being a ninja never seems to get old for Fanny, as she jumps on new opportunities to expand her training. Mainly, she enjoys running, swim running, climbing, obstacle course racing and lifting weights. She also brings her partner along for many of the activities since they share a love for fitness. Hopefully, Fanny inspired you to try a new sport or even become a ninja warrior!

Her Instagram account offers many ideas for anyone looking to get involved in obstacle course races. Now, we’re just waiting on her to appear on the actual show, because we’re convinced she would win! If you think she should compete, let us know in the comments.

Green 85

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