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Meet A Woman Who Quit Her Day Job And Became A Pottery Master

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When Kara isn’t making pots, she teaches others how to make them. She offers online courses about the basics of pottery, as well as how to market it online. In addition, she teaches private lessons to those who are serious about learning the craft. For those who prefer reading, she also wrote a book for beginners interested in pottery.

Kara says she’s fortunate to have realized her dream. With the help of her community and loving husband, she got her studio set up and ready for operation. Following your passion means taking a leap of faith and sometimes asking for support, but it’s worth it because your heart will never steer you wrong.


Final thoughts on the woman who gave up her day job to make pottery

Being a pottery master didn’t happen overnight for Kara, but her dedication and passion catapulted her dream. She had a goal, made steps toward achieving it, and didn’t stop no matter what obstacles she faced. Now, she works out of a pottery studio in her backyard, running a full-time business. She designs and handcrafts the pottery, in addition to writing books and selling courses for beginners.

She makes being a pottery master look easy, though we know it took many years of hard work. Which of Kara’s pieces did you like best? Tell us in the comments!

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