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Mindful Readers Share How They Practice Self-Compassion

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Treat yourself the way you would treat a friend. Be kind to yourself. These are phrases we’ve all heard before, but what does self-compassion really mean to us?

What does self-compassion mean to you?

Being as gentle and understanding with myself as I am with the people I care most about.
Jane McWilliams

Being able to say that was/this is hard, and yet I am OK.
Wendy L.

Nurturing my inner child, showing myself the love and patience I give my children (most of the time 😉)
thehappybase (Instagram)

Lovingly accepting my imperfections, reconciling with my self-saboteur, and holding space for myself when I’m feeling inadequate.
sass_allard (Instagram)

Relating to ourselves with kindness, feeling connected to others, and being aware of our experience at any given moment.
mindfulness_music_ and_health (Instagram)

Constantly and gently reminding yourself that you deserve to live a beautiful and intentional life driven by you, opposed to one built on the unconscious fears of others.
inthismomentbox (Instagram)

Asking ourselves what we needed in times of suffering that we didn’t get growing up, and finding ways to offer it to ourselves in the present.
juradohall (Instagram)

How important is practicing self-compassion to you?

How do you practice self-compassion?

Giving myself extra grace and extra care when things feel tough.

@noodlingaround_sf reminds us to unplug and notice the bold expressions of passion that are all around us if we look for them.
@theconnectioncreator celebrates connection with their authentic selves and their community.
@dr.shivanigupta practices self-care by winding down for a good night’s sleep.

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