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Mindful Writing to Explore Your True Self

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Last session we talked about the masks we wear. In this session, we’re going to take a dive into self-reflection about who we are—some of our fears, some of our love, some of the things that we want to show the world, maybe things you haven’t thought about in a while.

I came back from my trip teaching in India and I started working with the students. We began talking about these masks, what we let people see, and what we don’t let people see. As our work continued to grow, working with young men in our program and people around the world, we tried to provide people an opportunity to do more self-reflection. Today there’s going to be an opportunity for you to reflect. Take a breath. Breathe.

Breathe and Reflect

Hopefully you’re breathing. Maybe taking one of those deep breaths. How about we take one together? Breathe. Maybe you’re already reflecting on how you’re showing up in the world, things that you’re letting people see, and things you’re not letting people see. Where are the places that you can begin being more of yourself?

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Green 85

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