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Mom of 3 Who Lost Over 150 Lbs. Shares Weight Loss Inspiration

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If she could offer a piece of advice to those wanting to lose weight, she would say, “just start.” Even if you don’t hit the ground running, you can still make small changes at first. Emptying your pantry of unhealthy foods, joining a gym, or making other minor changes can make a world of difference.

“But I think the most important thing is to not give up on yourself. Things will be hard, things will be difficult, it will be challenging, but do not give up on yourself. You are worth it. You are worth every single obstacle that you will face, and you can get through it, I promise you,” Kristy concluded.


Final Thoughts on How a Mom of Three Lost Weight (And Kept It Off)

You know the mental and physical battle it requires if you’ve ever lost weight. However, Kristy found that the mental aspect proved the most challenging, as your body follows your mind. In other words, your body only moves when your mind does. And, changing the human brain doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes small changes to your routine and mindset each day to reach your goals. Deciding to practice positive affirmations, for instance, can help shift your focus and increase mental energy. No matter what path you take, just remember to love yourself where you’re at now. Remember, your mindset attracts your reality, so choose accordingly.

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