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Nutritionists Explain How Flavonoids Increase Brain Health (and What to Eat)

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3, 4, 5.      Onions, Kale, and Red Cabbage

These three vegetables have tremendous effects on brain health due to their nutrient-dense compositions. Of course, onions are a root vegetable. Thus, they pull their nutrient value directly from the earth, making them a powerhouse for vital body functions. They are great for cognitive health and excellent fighters against cancerous cells. Kale is also a great source of flavanols. Indeed, you can add it to other vegetables and fruits to help boost their nutritional value. At the same time, red cabbage could be the lifeblood for anyone looking to mitigate cognitive disorders and diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

6.      Soybeans

While soybeans come in a variety of different options, such as tofu, edamame, tempeh, and soy sauce. Indeed, each of these soybean-derived varieties will give your brain an increase in isoflavones. One word of caution. Be careful about consuming products made with highly concentrated amounts of salt. That’s because the harmful effects of factory production can counteract the health benefits you seek from soybeans.


Final Thoughts On How Flavonoids Increase Brain Health

When adding essential building blocks of healthy brain cognition, you almost cannot find a more beneficial source than the flavonoid family. A balanced diet of fruits and vegetables has been the proverbial lifeforce for as far back as human existence goes, and the opportunity to introduce a high level of dexterity to your brain is an acceptable way to stay sharp and healthy.

While flavonoids are a massive part of a healthy lifestyle, exercising and proper water consumption are crucial as our foods. If we stopped eating processed sugar and processed foods altogether, the clarity and efficiency we need for our best lives would reveal themselves in miraculous ways.

So be sure to get your daily dose of natural and organic fruits and vegetables every day. You will put yourself in the best mental and physical shape that you can. And of course, don’t hesitate to contact your health provider and do your research before switching up your diet, as food sensitivities and allergic reactions can still affect well-being.

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