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Nutritionists Reveal 25 Tips to Supercharge Your Weight Loss

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20. Eat a Whole Food Diet

Whole foods are single-ingredient foods in their natural state. These foods will help you stay full while filling your body with essential nutrients and vitamins. When you fill your diet with whole foods, it is difficult to gain weight, too.


21. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Not only are fruits and vegetables good because they are whole foods, but they also have other things that make them effective for weight loss. Since they don’t contain many calories and are filled with fiber and water, they are good to fill up on. The high amounts of nutrients are also highly beneficial to your overall health.

22. Use a Glucomannan Supplement

Glucomannan is a fiber that has been linked to increased weight loss. This type of fiber is water absorbent and stays in your gut longer, making you feel full. It makes you consume fewer calories and have fewer cravings.

23. Chew Slower

If you chew slower, your brain will register that you are full before you overeat. By chewing slowly, you will consume fewer calories while increasing the production of weight loss hormones. Plus, when you don’t eat as quickly, you will be more mindful of your eating habits.

24. Limit Added Sugars

Added sugar is highly detrimental to your health and causes significant weight gain. Most people consume too many added sugars each day, making weight loss impossible. To supercharge your weight loss, stick to natural sugars and avoid added ones.


Even some foods that are labeled as health foods are full of added sugar. Read all labels, and never assume something that says it’s healthy is free of added sugars.

25. Chew Sugar-Free Gum

Chewing gum can help curb your cravings, preventing you from overindulging in unhealthy snacks. Most gum is full of added sugars, so avoid that kind and choose a sugar-free option. Whenever you find yourself wanting something unhealthy, try chewing gum first and see if the craving passes.

If you replace a snack each day with a stick of sugar-free gum, you will be cutting out quite a few calories. Plus, your snacking habits will improve, and you won’t be as lucky to cave and have too many treats.

Nutritionists Reveal 25 Tips to Supercharge Your Weight Loss

As you work toward your weight loss goals, you may hit times when you want to supercharge your progress. Use these tips to boost your weight loss and get closer to your goals.

You don’t have to implement all of these tips at once, so don’t feel overwhelmed. Try a few tips at a time and see what works for you, then implement a few more tips later.

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