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OM101 – Jeff Carreira on Finding Equanimity Amid Uncertainty

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In this episode, I interview my former mentor and spiritual teacher Jeff Carreira.

Jeff and I lived, worked, and practiced in an intentional spiritual community together for 13 years in Western Massachusetts. Jeff was not only a spiritual mentor to me during that time, but he was also my boss.

Jeff was the Director of our educational programming, and I was his program manager. Together, Jeff and I built a thriving program of retreats and virtual courses.

And in a strict ashram with a hard teacher, Jeff provided an oasis of ease and compassionate presence. Jeff helped me, and many others, through many a rough patch.

Today, Jeff leads his own retreats, courses, and teacher trainings over at JeffCarreira.com.

Find Equanimity Amid Uncertainty

So I was delighted to reconnect with him during this Zoom interview with a live audience. I spoke with Jeff at the outset of the pandemic in March as part of a series called Finding Equanimity Amid Uncertainty. And as always, he was intent on communicating a message of positivity and possibility.

Then, he led us all through a powerful guided meditation and answered questions.

I encourage to take the time to listen to this whole episode. Set aside an hour and find a quiet place to listen. You’ll get a heavy dose of Jeff’s infectious optimism followed by a deep transmission of peace, ease, and fundamental well being.

Free Resources from Jeff Carreira

If you want to learn more about Jeff’s work or engage with him directly, here are some resources for you:


Green 85

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