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Power of Acceptance – Guided Meditation Script

Find a comfortable seat in a place where you can be relatively free from distractions
Find balance between sitting up tall, but remaining relaxed
Feel into the width of your chest as you soften your shoulders down and back
Rest your palms face up on your thighs, or in the manner that’s most comfortable for you

Close your eyes or gaze low at the ground ahead of you
Breathe in and out through your nose
Choose a breath that reflects all the qualities you desire in your mind
Gentle, quiet, patient, steady, spacious, and at ease

Balance your awareness between the three spheres of mindfulness,
Your body, your breath, and the mind itself
Stay present right here with all three
Perhaps 20% of your mind’s attention on each
And the remaining 40%? Just let this part of the mind stay with spaciousness and ease

Don’t get caught up in the numbers, the idea is just to be mindful, and at the same time, free

Seated, breathing, present with body, breath and mind
Present. Aware. Open. Spacious.

And now notice what’s present here with you
Notice if there’s any sensation arising in the body
An energy that you can sense through the breath
Or a movement, emotion, or habitual thought in the mind

Whatever it is that you notice, welcome it in with a spaciousness
Allow it to be.
Don’t try to change it, don’t chase it, don’t try to push it away
Can you remain still and spacious in your awareness
As you accept what it is that’s arising

This is how things are right here, and right now
Notice how it is, and accept it

Recall that acceptance is spacious, non-judgemental, unattached
To accept is not an endorsement
To accept is not an opinion
To accept is simply to recognize, to notice,
Acceptance is mindfulness and awareness of reality as it is

And what about now
What’s present here with you now
What’s arising in the body
What can you sense through the breath
Is there stillness, or movement in the mind

This is how things are, right here, right now
Notice how it is, accept it

And recall that like all things, it will also change
In your acceptance, you give what it is that you notice the freedom to change
When you and reality are no longer battling,
Reality no longer has to defend itself

Thanks to your acceptance,
There can be a softening,
There can be movement
There can be change

So what about now?
What’s present with you right here and right now
Accept all sensation that is arising in the body
Welcome it in, give it space, give it freedom
What type of energy do you sense through the breath
Welcome it all in, watch it, and notice it with curiosity
Is there stillness, or movement in the mind?
Welcome it, and accept it without attaching, without trying to push it away

This is how things are, right here, right now
Notice. Welcome. Accept.

Sense the whole body, the breath, and the mind itself
Opening into the freedom of acceptance.

Nothing needs to be different right now.
This is how it is.

And from the spaciousness of acceptance,
Tap into the wisdom that acceptance provides

From the spaciousness of acceptance
From this awareness of things as they are

Before you open your eyes,
Connect to the wisdom in your body, your breath, and the mind

And ask the body itself the question,
What should I do now?

Be equally accepting of the answer.

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