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Prevent a Panic Attack: 10 Tricks to Never Forget

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Using self-talk can help you to talk your way out of a battle with anxiety and keep you from taking the panic to the extreme levels.


9. Focus on An Object

Some people find that using an object when they start to feel panicked helps them focus on their feelings. For instance, you can hold a picture of your children or your spouse to help bring you calm. Some people use a pet rock or other object to help adjust their focus and prevent a panic attack.

10. Turn to Medication

If you’ve tried all the holistic methods possible and you still can’t find relief, then you should consider medication. Various medicines help adjust the brain’s chemicals, preventing a panic attack in the future. Balancing the serotonin level seems critical as this neurotransmitter is the main component in controlling your fight-flight mode.

Even if you must use medication for the short term, it doesn’t mean that you will be on these drugs indefinitely. Many folks only need them for a short period, and then they can go off them without issue. Be careful about which ones you take as some are habit-forming and can cause addiction problems. Your doctor should be your guide, so have that discussion.


Final Thoughts on Knowing Techniques to Prevent a Panic Attack

Panic disorder affects 2.7 percent of the adult population in this country, according to studies. Times are tough, and when you must deal with life’s stressors, it only makes things worse. Remember to take care of both your physical and mental health needs.

Many folks find that they have anxiety and panic issues when going through a difficult time in life, which is called situational distress. Consequently, others find no rhyme or reason for why they feel the way they do. Experts believe there is a strong genetic component to any mental health issues, and a family history only increases the likelihood that you will deal with these problems.

Panic attacks can be debilitating, and you must learn how to cope with these horrible occurrences. The good news is that it’s a highly treatable disorder that many can find relief. There are ways to prevent a panic attack so that you can live a normal life without overwhelming fear getting in the way.

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