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Discover the peace, happiness and fulfillment you’ve searched for your entire life… inside you! In 1998, David Sandercott read a book that completely changed his life. The book told him he could do absolutely anything in this life. All he had to do was decide what he wanted… and meditate. He decided he wanted to be the world’s shortest high fashion model. Three years later, David was being featured in Vogue Magazine in six pages along side super model Kate Dillon. That’s the power of decision and meditation. Nearly all of us at some time or another have searched for happiness, peace, freedom and prosperity. Many of us are still searching for one or more of these things. Our quest for fulfillment is largely an external one, from the clothes we wear and the things we buy, to the careers we choose and the company we keep. All the while, the search continues for satisfaction, a sense of inner peace. What if everything you’ve been searching for your entire life was inside you right now? David’s journey is amazing, but it’s not a fluke, nor is it unique. The prosperity, peace and happiness you seek is hidden deep within, waiting to be accessed with the right techniques. His new book, 21 Day Meditation Journey: Connect with Spirit Every Day in a New Way, guides you through the process of daily meditation, illustrating how it can unlock inner peace and happiness you never knew you possessed. You’ll discover techniques for increasing your mental clarity and focus, while increasing your own sense of happiness, peace and contentment. In this book you’ll also discover: The benefits and joys of a daily meditation practice. How to access a direct path to enlightenment. How the act of breathing can change your physical and emotional state. The power of mantras and affirmations. The 8 Limbs of Yoga. The Chakra system. Methods for reprogramming your mind. A daily meditation practice will improve every aspect of your life. It requires no special equipment or complicated processes. It’s a simple but powerful tool for reconnecting with your inner self. True happiness and fulfillment can’t be found externally. It can’t be purchased or be found in an app. It’s a journey that begins and ends within. Let David guide you on this inner journey and see for yourself what lies inside, waiting to be discovered. Check out 21 Day Meditation Journey: Connect with Spirit Every Day in a New Way today! Ready to begin your journey? Scroll up and click the Buy Now button

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