5 Minutes Per Week 52 Weeks to a Better ...



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Improve your business or organization in just 5 minutes per week using these 5-Minute Plans.
5 sections: Business Planning. Business Growth. Leadership. Productivity. Teamwork.

There are 52 5-Minute Plans to solve today’s business plans, because leaders are busy.

Each day, spend a few minutes solving challenges like employee engagement, employee engagement, delegation, productivity, focus, crisis management, building resilience, values, vision, business growth, business planning, conflict resolution, feedback, sales, marketing, planning meetings, leadership improvement, promotions, and more. Everything you’ve been looking for is right in this book and you can access the forms in the online vault as well.

That’s where 5-Minutes Per Week: 52 Weeks to a Better Business was born – a lack of time and a love of coffee. Mary loves checklists, and she realized she was not the only one.

What leaders say they need:
“I am so busy. I am not sure if I even have 5 extra minutes a day. Could I improve my business in 5 or 10 minutes, over that first cup of coffee at my desk? Maybe while the office is quiet and I can think about the business and what’s next. I need help now and I don’t have time to waste.”

These 5-Minutes Plans are the answer.

These will be the most important 5 minutes you spend a week, and they are going to change your life and your business.

For the price of a one nice dinner, you’ll have access to over 70 5-Minute Plans that keep you moving in the right direction. The plans are in the online vault (code for the vault is in the book) and new 5-Minute Plans are being added all the time.

This book multiplies your effectiveness.

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