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More fun in life through mindfulness

It’s no secret that mindfulness creates a more positive outlook on life and helps with stress management. So why shouldn’t children benefit from it? The world they live in offers countless challenges every day, which they can deal better with through increased mindfulness. In a playful way, children learn to reflect on the events of a day by keeping a mindfulness journal. Various questions guide them to recognize their strengths and deal with their weaknesses. Exercises on perception and creativity encourage the children to pay more attention and motivate them in their search for everyday solutions to problems.

What children can look forward to:

  • Stimulatingly designed pages with space for daily entries
  • 3-4 mindful questions for each day of the week
  • 13 child-friendly exercises for sensory perception and imagination

Gain positive insights

In the retrospective observation of the day-to-day events (as well as the feelings experienced in the process), children learn to manage daily stress and perceive their own successes. The mindfulness journal is therefore an excellent means of self-reflection. Only in dealing with oneself and one’s own behaviors do children get a chance to get to know themselves and their social environment better. In dealing with the challenges of their everyday life, children learn to discover their abilities and strengths and to develop a better sense of self-worth as a result. This has the positive effect of building more confidence in themselves, their families and friends. Their thoughts no longer constantly wander to the future, nor do they dwell on the past, but are occupied with the events of the moment. This increases children’s ability to act and reduce their fears and insecurities.

Live in harmony with yourself

Practicing mindfulness not only helps children to overcome fears about the future, but also to come to terms with themselves and develop healthy self-love. A child who has learned how to deal with problems that arise, or even how to get rid of them, goes through life more carefree. This improves sleep to a significant extent. A mindful child is therefore more alert and also more productive during the day. When a child’s thoughts stay in the moment, there are fewer arguments and misunderstandings with other people, which makes relationships with friends and family more harmonious. A mindful child is a content child!

Discover your own strengths

A mindfulness journal helps children to pause in stressful moments and focus their thoughts on the now. Learning to live in the moment reduces childhood stress caused by pressure to perform at school or on social media. Mindful children recognize their strengths. They know that everyone is unique and has different abilities. For this reason, a mindful child does not need to compare himself or herself to other children. They can accept that all children are special in their own way without feeling competition.

Practice makes perfect

By answering the daily questions, this strengthens children’s awareness and self-esteem. They recognize what is good for themselves and learn to be more mindful of others as well. However, to achieve a positive change in behavior, children need motivation and a little discipline. The Mindfulness Journal is therefore designed to be appealing and child-friendly. Simply through the joy and pleasure of writing down observations and daily experiences, children succeed in changing their inner thinking over time.

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