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Promoting Critical Thinking Everywhere

“In the Caribbean, no commentator or journalist arrives at the level of sophistication represented by Clinton Chisholm. His evaluations of things theological, political and cultural, stand leagues above average fare. Those outside the Caribbean would learn much reading him. His new book is simply “must” reading for anyone who wishes to think seriously about contemporary issues in light of classical values.”

John Warwick Montgomery

Ph.D., D.Théol., LL.D. Professor Emeritus of Law and Humanities,

University of Bedfordshire, England

Gain experience in critical thinking from the Caribbean’s finest apologist, Rev. Dr. Clinton A. Chisholm, who is at his provocative best in A Controversial Clergyman. The book consists of 33 of his best unorthodox, unconventional and daring newspaper articles with questions for discussion. You may not always agree with him but you will have a hard time faulting his logic on any subject he touches.

This book explores topics such as:

  • Defending and Dismantling the Buggery Law
  • Sexual Scandal in the Church
  • How Religion Poisons Everything
  • Abortion, Pro-Choicers and the “Not a person” Argument

Get a copy of A Controversial Clergyman. Treat your mind and spirit to a bold feast of good food for thought. See the fruit of a God-surrendered, well-trained mind challenging notions in the market-place of ideas.

About the Author

Recently retired as a Jamaica Baptist Union ordained Pastor, Rev. Clinton Chisholm served Baptist pastorates in Jamaica for 14 years and four (4) years in South Florida. Most of his working life has been in education as tutor and lecturer in Music, Greek, Hebrew, Philosophy, Business Ethics, Apologetics and Hermeneutics. He has taught in several universities including Sheffield University, University of the West Indies and University of Technology, and recently served as Academic Dean of the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology.

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