Adopt Mindful Eating: Easy Strategies To...



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Eating as mindfully as we do on retreat or in a mindfulness course is not realistic for many of us, especially with families, jobs, and the myriad distractions around us. This is not to mention that our friends, family and colleagues might not have the patience to eat with us as we take five minutes with each bite. So have some self-compassion, and consider formal mindful eating on retreat and special occasions, as well as informal mindful eating in your daily life.

This book includes:
-Mindful eating 101 explores the lifelong benefits of eating mindfully, and outlines how you can bring this practice into your life.
-Real strategies to practice mindfulness while cooking and eating, and using mindfulness to recognize your body’s signals.
-Reflective exercises that include assessments, journal entries, and observation logs to keep track of your journey and progress.

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