Alpha Meditation: A nonreligious mindful...


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Many personal diagnoses are helped by bringing the brain into aligned functioning. This kid-friendly meditation exercise book is focused on producing Alpha frequency (8–12 Hz), also known as Berger waves. By reading the meditation exercise aloud to youth, they practice focus and calming.  The exercise is simple enough for kindergartners, and mature enough for teens and adults.

Alpha waves increase just after wakening. They have been thought of as the, “clear morning brain,” alert and focused.  Many neurofeedback protocols are Alpha frequency targeted to improve symptoms of PTSD, ADD & ADHD, trauma, and other sources of brain incoherence.

This is not a medical book, nor medical advice, so use and results should be monitored by a licensed medical team. Research is always evolving so this book may have different effects for different people, again, a requirement to use only under the supervision and recommendation of a licensed medical team.  The author and publisher disclaim direct and indirect responsibility for the material contained herein.

This Alpha frequency meditation is non-religious, asking the meditator to focus on their breath, themselves, and how they feel. The intent is self-regulation and focus, while still being aware of the world around them. From this ‘safe’ state, the person can be more ‘ready’ to join the world around them, and live a more peaceful life.

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