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In this new collection of 34 uplifting stories, Janet reminds us of our common humanity as we travel this path of life together, and how fleetingly precious our days on this planet earth are. In 2012, Janet Archer retired from a 30 year career as an elementary school teacher. It was then that she began to explore and document her immediate world through the eyes of her training as a life coach and a yoga and mindfulness teacher. She began sending out these “musings” to a large group of clients, friends and family and got many letters in return thanking her because her insights were helping them to see something in a clearer way, one that was bringing them a sense of peace and calm. Along the way, her mother got dementia and came to live close by to Janet and many of her musings became centered around living with a parent with dementia. It was then that she published her first book: An Invitation to Pause: musings from a mindfulness teacher, which contained 28 compassionate reflections on life. It was so well received that she decided to publish An Invitation to Pause…again this year, with a brand new set of stories. Some of these stories are about the amazingness of life and what we want to be reminded of as being of most importance along the way of living. Other musings bring the reader to a place of compassion and love for both the adult child and the parent who are both involved in this new world of living with dementia. Janet’s authentic and honest voice has a direct link to both your heart and soul. She invites you to pause (again) and take stock of the precious gifts in every moment, while reflecting on your own life from a place of compassion, gratitude and humor. These insightful everyday musings, that are both personal and universal can be read multiple times, or read slowly, savoring each delicious story one at a time. If you are looking for a read that is uplifting, comforting and inspirational, then accept the invitation to pause…again from this wise and witty mindfulness coach. You won’t regret it…again!

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