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Get Your Child in Bed on Time, Minus the Stress & Fuss with this Vibrant &Educational 2-in-1 Book Filled with Magical & Soothing Bedtime Stories &Meditations!

Is your child having trouble going to sleep, or not sleepingthrough the night?

Do you want to help your child wind down after a long, stressfulday in just a few minutes using mindfulness techniques?

Do you want your child tostrengthen their values, and increase their vocabulary while listening to amazing stories that enhancethe imagination?

You came to the right place!

Puttingchildren to bed is an often stressful task, especially when they have not learned how toregulate their emotions or energy levels after a long day of high-energy play, or stressful activities andexperiences.

One mistake parents make is thinking that children are free fromworries, anxieties, and stress. After all, how stressful can an afternoon playdate at the parkbe?

The truth is, unlike adults, children have not yet developed theemotional, physical, and mental tools to help themselves wind down after a tension-filled day and fallinto deep, restful sleep. Which is unfortunate since poor sleep quality among children can lead tobehavior, mood, and emotion regulation problems, learning and school performance impairments, andimmune function decline.

Good thing there’s “Bedtime Stories & Meditations forKids”, by renowned child development expert Katie Miller, and seasoned teacherSarah J. Young!

In this book, these experts havecarefully crafted wonderfully soothing bedtime stories and meditations that inject a ton of lessons aboutlife and values, as well as cultivate creativity, so that your child can have the chance to wind downbefore bed and achieve a good, restful sleep every night.

With this wonderful 2-in-1bundle of wonderfully soothing bedtime stories and meditations, your child will:

  • Enjoy quality time with you, all while lowering their stresslevels as they listen to fairy tales that teach them about perseverance, empathy, andresponsibility
  • Indulge in fascinating tales about magical dragons, princesses,and dinosaurs that improve their imagination and widen their vocabulary
  • Read aboutpositive affirmations that raise their self-esteem and self-confidence, so that they can goabout their days knowing they are capable, strong, and worthy
  • Learn crucialmindfulness techniques that help them manage frustrations, overcome fears, regulatenegative emotions, and boost gratitude and a positive mindset
  • And so muchmore!

Experts have touted the multitude of benefits that bedtimestories and meditations give your child. Apart from helping them destress and relax, turning this into anightly pre-bedtime routine helps their brain create a new association — one that connects bedtimewith an easy, more positive, and calming transition to sleep.

Scroll up, Click on“Buy Now”, and Help Your Child Have the Most Restful Sleep Ever!

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