Big Change, Better You, Beautiful World


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An interactive storybook filled with tools to empower readers of all ages to embrace change,

all while learning from a wise change expert along the way, the butterfly!

Who will you become?

Whether there is a small change or there is a Big Change,

There is a chance to become a Better You.

When you look within and love the journey,

You can make a more Beautiful World!

Be ready to transform-it is a gift waiting for you

Change is happening all around us, all the time. Change can be hard, yet so beautiful! Readers learn tools to support them through changes that life may bring (especially world changes, like COVID-19). The charming, wise change expert, the butterfly, engages the reader to become their best self during the change process. Helpful strategies and talking points for families and educators are included.

Big Change, Better You, Beautiful World is also available in Spanish: Gran cambio, mejor corazón, mundo hermoso

For more connected activities, mindfulness tools, and social-emotional learning skills visit: www.TheButterflyWithin.Me

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