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Welcome to Planet Blessed! This beautiful, color-filled, journal is filled with positive, inspiring, and uplifting mindfulness activities, tips, and affirmations, to help you sur-thrive in a challenging world. There are 53 unique mindfulness exercises provided in this interactive guidebook to help you embrace the uncertainty and bless the mess.

This journal can be used within a solitary mindfulness practice or featured in groups and classes. It would also make a wonderful holiday or birthday gift. With 53 unique mindfulness exercises, there is something for everyone. The content in this journal can be used by: 

  • Meditation and Mindfulness Groups
  • Coaches and Counselors
  • Educators and School-Based Groups
  • Ministers and Spiritual Counselors
  • Sobriety and Addiction Groups
  • Yoga, Reiki, or Tai-Chi Classes

As we journey through this beautiful, challenging, wonderful, awe-inspiring place called Planet Earth we have to remember to “Bless the Mess” and cultivate a sense of gratitude. We have to start imagining and affirming that we are actually living on Planet Blessed!

This self-discovery empowerment journal can help go from surviving to thriving, or sur-thriving as we like to call it. The mindfulness exercises in this journal are broken down into four unique quadrants, all designed to help you sur-thrive in a new normal. You can focus on abundance and prosperity, health and well-being, empowerment, and enlightenment or on raising your consciousness.

These empowering exercises will help you bless the mess and embrace any uncertainty so you can see the magic and even the infinite possibilities around the next corner. Just like the lotus flower blooms amongst the mud and the muck, you can as well. What you decide to seed and let grow defines who you are. 

This discovery journal is designed for anyone going through upheavals and challenges, whether you are impacted personally by the pandemic or simply trying to carve out a new life for yourself because of the economic impact. Even if you aren’t personally affected by the new normal caused by the global pandemic, this little “how-to-guidebook” can have a significant and substantial positive impact on the level of love, peace, joy, happiness, balance, prosperity, and success you enjoy in every area of your life. If you are struggling, you are certainly not alone. We welcome you to take this journey as you Bless the Mess!

The Grateful Souls on PLANET BLESSED

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