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An Easy Guide to Developing Memory, Hacking Your Brain, Thinking Express, and Managing Your Information Like the Genius Yourself Are

Our memories are vital to our lives. Without long-term memories, we have no way of knowing what has happened in our pasts. We may forget the faces of our family members, the voices of our children, or the moments that have shaped who we are throughout the years. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and relatives who have passed on all reside in our long-term memories. However, long-term memory is not just responsible for nostalgia; it also stores information on our hobbies, interests, spoken languages, skills, abilities, and studies. Without these memories, we would simply not be able to be who we are.

And our short-term memories are just as important, although much differently so. Short-term memories store brief information. This is how we learn new things, experience new tastes, and understand new information. It is the job of the short-term memory to determine what is important and to make associations that can help store that information in the long-term memory. If the short-term memory suffers, we can no longer learn anything new. It would be completely impossible to ever change. So, if long-term memory is what keeps the information from our pasts, then short-term memory is what allows us to gather new information for the future. And both are equally important!

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