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“A brilliant concept, creatively executed, with beauty, kindness, and fun for all.” – Peter, counselor.

Children will delight in this mindful journey. BREATHE: venture into the imagination with a story that gently teaches soothing skills like breathing, counting, noticing the five senses. ART: after the story, art activities extend and deepen the experience. CALM: mindful story and art, together, help children make deeper connections with themselves and the present moment to feel more calm, relaxed and confident. 

Children are dealing with more stress than ever in schools, online, and in society. The authors have witnessed children increasingly struggle with big feelings over the past decade in their professional lives as a Marriage and Family Therapist/Art Therapist (Jocelyn) and Behavior Intervention public school teacher (Heather). Inattention, outbursts, anger, difficulty with peers, prejudice, poverty, inequity… the list goes on and on. They found themselves asking, as parents and professionals: “How can we help children manage feelings in creative ways?” Combining mindfulness and art is their response. “Colorful Place” helps parents, teachers, and therapists support children in developing tools for managing uncomfortable feelings. Heather and Jocelyn completed Jon Kabat Zinn’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MSBR) course together, mindfulness for educators training and are committed to making the world a calmer place for children.

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