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Based on
over 20 years experience by mindfulness for kids expert Christiane Kerr, this is a fun and heartwarming story that subtly introduces the skills of mindfulness to children (ages 2 – 8). Children will find themselves becoming more aware of their own bodies, breath, emotions and surroundings without even realising it. Featured on ‘Seven Mindful Children’s books’ August 2018.

Crab and Whale is carefully designed to help even the most energetic children find a moment of calm and focus. Also includes a special mindful breathing exercise for children and affirmation.

  • Introduces mindfulness to kids aged 2 to 8
  • Based on 20 years’ experience working with children
  • Perfect for home and classroom use
  • Introduces theme of kindness

    From the reviews
    “A ground breaking book about mindfulness for small children”

    “Brilliant story and techniques… Recommended by a friend for my child struggling to get to sleep as he was worrying. Its a Great book, that you can read again and again. Definitely a book I would recommend.”

    “A truly heartwarming story celebrating kindness and gently introducing children to the life-changing power of mindfulness.” – Sir Anthony Seldon, former Headmaster & mindfulness in schools pioneer

    “My 5 year old loved this story, and it gave us the opportunity to explore how we could bring kindness into our life. We now practice breathing together.” Sarah Mackenzie, Parent

    “A lovely way to introduce mindfulness to early years and KS1” – Rosie Beharrell, Primary School Teacher

    Well pitched introduction to Mindfulness & a good story too. My god daughter (7) loved this book – it may be aimed at younger children but obviously appeals to a much wider audience as I really enjoyed it too!

    Very charming and gentle tale with lovely illustrations – I liked the way it cleverly but simply integrates the idea of mindfulness and the joys of being kind. Looking forward to reading it to my grandchildren.

    “This is a charming introduction to the skills and philosophy of mindfulness for little people. We purchased this for our 2 year old. He loves the story and joyful illustrations. We particularly like how the mindfulness techniques embedded into the story line are accessible to young children, for instance the page on bringing awareness to breath when the crab is helping the beached whale.

    Highly recommended to anyone wanting to introduce their children to mindfulness.”

    Message from the Authors

    When Christiane and I chatted about mindfulness kids books and the various mindfulness books for kids, we felt strongly that we could offer something different. What would it be like to have a book about mindfulness for children that didn’t use the word mindfulness – or mention any ‘technical’ words at all. Was it possible to simply tell a story, make it engaging and fun, and in the process manage to show mindful breathing for kids in action. Let kids experience mindfulness rather than just read about it. So we created this story and built on everything Christiane had learned in over twenty years of experience. The end result is quite unlike other mindfulness books for toddlers or children out there, and I’m proud of all the lovely reviews which we have received for our mindfulness picture books. With so many mindfulness books kids and their parents might feel overwhelmed but in our experience, it’s best to just take it easy and give things a go. Mindfulness skills for kids are easy to pick up and both you and your child will hopefully have fun in the process. We hope you have as much fun reading the book as we had writing it. Thanks! Mark and Christiane.

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