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Does Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Chronic Illness, PTSD, Headache, and Inflammation Sound Familiar to You?

If you are looking for something practical and concrete like daily exercises that will help you reduce stress disorders and annoying conditions of daily living, then keep reading…

When we are stressed, our breathing becomes faster and shallower, activating our sympathetic nervous system which is our
fight and flight response. Fortunately, we can consciously change our response
from stress to relaxation by activating our
vagus nerve through simple exercises.

In this book,
“Daily Vagus Nerve Exercises: A Simple Guide with Practical Exercises for Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Healing; Relieve Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Illnesses, PTSD, Prevent Inflammation, and Lots More,” you will learn how to utilize the incredible power of the vagus nerve through daily self-regulation techniques that you can use to regulate yourself in any situation – you don’t have to leave the situation to calm down.

Relaxation is where you leave a situation (take a hot bath, get a massage, etc.). If we could do that all day long, we wouldn’t have a problem with our nervous system. But the reality is we’re often stuck at work, in stressful meetings, in a commute, or traffic jam and we need to be able to regulate our nervous system during stressful experiences, not just avoiding stressful experiences.

In this Book, You Will Learn:

• How the human nervous system works

• Vagus nerve location and functions

• Various Ways the Vagus Nerve Can Get Injured

• How the vagus nerve can be affected by head trauma

• How the vagus nerve can help treat anxiety

• Daily vagus nerve exercises

• Breathing exercises that activate the vagus nerve naturally

• And lots more!

Learn how to activate your vagus nerve today!
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