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PARENTS and TEACHERS, this book guarantees to reduce your stress while keeping your kids LEARNING and LAUGHING. Make everyday life easier reading about Superhero Social Skills modeled by Delia Bread and her well-intended friends in their fantastical world of food, music, sports, school, and more!

Delia Bread is a feisty young gal who wakes up each day ready to be her best! Her daily routine is familiar, but, when confronted with a GLITCH, sometimes Delia’s reactions are much greater than the actual size of the problem.

Delia’s world is full of fantastical, diverse characters. Thank goodness for Nana Nut Bread, her singing, banjo-playing, wise grandma who asks, “Delia Bread, what can you do instead? What can you do instead?”

These lyrics prompt Delia to use a Superhero Social Skill, which helps her identify and manage her emotional responses. We can all learn from Delia how to practice a flexible mindset, feel successful, and help make every day our best!

Early Reviews:

“Kids will love this wacky food-themed world and the characters that inhabit it. Parents will have a hard time keeping a straight face as they read it out loud! Delia and her friends never fail to entertain as they learn to handle life’s glitches with a-plum.”

Tab Murphy – (i)Academy Award-nominated writer of Disney’s Hunchback, Tarzan, Atlantis, Brother Bear

“Delia Bread, What Can You Do Instead is an incredibly fun and engaging story that strengthens social-skill development. Delia encounters situations in which she uses her social skills such as choosing character, having a growth mindset, and responding appropriately to the “size of the problem.”

The fun, creative characters and fantastic illustrations make the storyline even more entertaining and keep the readers wanting to see more! The social skills tools are presented in a rhyme, which helps children remember them. I can imagine reading this series to my class again and again as part of our social skills program.I look forward to seeing more of the Superhero Social Skills books!

Jacqueline Luderer
Special education teacher, MS in Special Education

“This book is a delightful entrance into a world filled with unique characters each trying to get through the day in their best way. There’s a kindness (along with humor) that permeates the book—so important in today’s world.

The bonus of the books are the lessons, but the real meat is in its entertainment value. The combination of the illustrations along with the descriptions create a clear visual image. I can absolutely see this as an animated series!

It’s the kind of book, as an adult, I can enjoy reading over and over to my nieces without getting bored. They look forward to the next book in the series, and I will be delighted to read them aloud, a thousand times if they want.

David Paul Kirkpatrick
Former Production Chief of Walt Disney Studios and Former President of Walt Disney Pictures

“Delia’s journey to master her superhero social skills is relatable, charmingly illustrated, and whimsically narrated with heart and humor! The catchy but calming rhymes she uses to manage her temper will get stuck in your head. An invaluable lesson on flexibility and a must-read for kids (and kids at heart)!

Jessica Welsh
Kids TV animation writer, Disney Jr, Apple TV+

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