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This a–z of self-care takes you through the alphabet of cultivating purpose, inner peace, and joy in your life.

Find Your Glow, Feed Your Soul is the perfect gift for a loved one who needs a boost (yourself included). From the letter a for acceptance to the letter h for harnessing your bravery to the letter z for zeroing in on what you want, you'll learn how to incorporate happiness and gratitude into your daily routine while also spending some time discovering a more spiritual you. Each chapter is a beacon to help you discover your inner glow, with self-exploration exercises at the end to help you cultivate the quality it highlights.

We could all use a little more inner glow. So many of us let fear and self-doubt dictate our lives in big and small ways—keeping us from making a new friend or preventing us from going back to school or feeling happy or simply being our best selves. With Find Your Glow, Feed Your Soul, you can easily learn to practice mindfulness and incorporate positivity into your everyday life.

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From the Publisher

Find Your Glow, Feed Your SoulFind Your Glow, Feed Your Soul

Find Your Glow, Feed Your Soul

This book is meant to be both an inspiration and a helpful tool to access your inner light. My hope is that by reading it you will find a renewed sense of love and you will make self-care a priority.

This is an easy-to-use A–Z guide, and each chapter is a beacon to help you discover your inner glow, so you can give and receive acceptance, love, gratitude, and positivity. The following chapters come from my own personal experiences and from years of coaching women through personal and career growth transformations. My mission is to help women harness their bravery and use it to go after what they really want, because I know that until we are honest and brave, we can’t live a life that is fulfilling. I hope that you find something that resonates with you and brings more light into your beautiful life.

To glow from within takes consistent effort and awareness. Pay attention to the things that light you up and the things that sap your energy. Just knowing what these are can help tremendously when trying to keep your light shining bright. Saying “yes” to things that light you up and “no” to light-dimmers is a step in the right direction.

I hope you find the tools in this book applicable to your unique situation.

I understand that we are all from different situations and I appreciate our diversity; everything in this book might not apply to you, but I hope that something will and can help you find the joy, peace, and fulfillment you desire. What I do know is that if we all work on glowing as brightly as possible we can make a beautiful difference.

By finding your inner glow, you are taking part in raising the vibrations of the planet.

To each reader, you are now part of a glow tribe. We are all connected by our desires to be our best selves and shine more light in this world— which needs it now more than ever. We must start with ourselves and then our lights can illuminate places that are dark, to spread love and hope that is desperately needed.

Thank you for choosing this book as part of your journey.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself daily/weekly/monthly:

How am I doing today?

What have I done today to create momentum towards living the life I desire?

What did I do today that I am most proud of?

How am I supporting my values each day?

What do I want to happen in this situation and why?

Where did I face challenges today and how did they affect me?

Who or what surprised me this week?

let golet go


“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need.” —TAO TE CHING

When things fall apart, it can be hard to find the incentive to get back up to find the space to start over or create something new. Days can seem to drag and putting one foot in front of the other can seem like a huge feat. Sometimes, it can feel as if you are stuck and doomed to live in a cycle of disappointment.

It is easy to want to hold on to the idea of how we think things should be. When we try to rationalize why things fall apart or something doesn’t make sense, there is a need to understand and sometimes to exert control. The need to control is intoxicating because we then feel in charge of our life and able to steer its direction. However, sometimes we just need to let go and release our grip on the situation.

After we let go, it is important to take some time to allow the answer to arrive. The need for control will make us feel like we need to do something immediately, but that is not truly letting go.

Taking time to search for answers helps us sort through the disappointment and heal from the pain and fear of letting go.

Figuring out action steps can help bring your mind out of the fog, but make sure you give yourself time to process the disappointment. If it is time to move on, it’s okay to mourn the loss. Allow the healing to occur and take an active role by looking forward to creating something new when the time is right.

If where you are now does not help you get to where you want to be, then the answer is clear: getting clear on what you want to do can ease the pain of ending something that is not meant to be.

When things end, it is important to get back up, even if it takes some time. Making daily efforts to try again seems difficult at first, but after a while the practice of “doing” creates the momentum needed to move forward. In order to allow growth to take place, movement is necessary.

Some important questions to ask when there is something that may feel like it is falling apart are:

What isn’t working?

Is there something I can change to make it work?

If I let go and move on from this, what are my next actions?

What do I want to be working towards?



“Though it seems curious, I do not remember ever asking for anything but what I got it. And I always received it as an answer to my prayers.” —SOJOURNER TRUTH

Holding on to something tightly that isn’t there is useless and controlling. When we try to generate an outcome that seems forced, we create an unrealistic expectation, fueled by stress and anxiety. The universe knows our deepest desires. Our thoughts, prayers, and visualizations are paid attention to. When we try to force things to happen, we feel stressed and anxious. When we yield to the process and trust the universe, we enter a state of flow and things work out exactly as they are meant to. The act of surrender is not giving up, it is an act of trust.

The act of surrender is not giving up, it is an act of trust. This is a sacred place within the soul—a deep, vulnerable place to enter.

To let the walls down around the heart and to open the soul to a possibility that can’t be seen is raw, yet absolutely exciting and brave. When we surrender and trust that everything will be alright, we can be pleasantly surprised by the grace of the universe. Situations that seem hopeless when in our control are completely turned around when we let go of the reigns.

The universe lovingly allows us the time to realize we need to let go, and when we do, that’s where the miracles happen.

What we can’t see holds a gift if we allow it to happen. It is amazing when things are revealed after the act of trust. What we think we need or want is always replaced by something perfect and sometimes greater than we can imagine. With each act of surrender, we learn that the universe really does have our backs and listens to all the desires of our hearts.

If you are struggling with trusting and yielding to something you can’t see, try this exercise in release:

Imagine whatever it is you are trying to control is in the palm of your hand.

Make a fist and hold it as tightly as you can.

Feel the tension as you try your best to keep your fist gripping onto this desired object or outcome

Slowly release your grip, one finger at a time, feeling the release as you open your fist.

Take a deep breath and let go, noticing the release of tension throughout your body.

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