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Sean Jackson has been illustrating and exploring mazes for his own enjoyment for more than 30 years. Inspired by art, architecture, and the natural world, his colorfully detailed mazes offer imaginative and meditative journeys through village streets, garden vistas, island habitats, castle grounds, scenic towns, and gravity-defying surreal situations—each encouraging the mind to wander while following the paths. This large-format collection features nearly 50 absorbing single-page and full-spread mazes, sequenced with increasing complexity, and includes inventive bonuses such as mazes with two paths to follow and a maze that runs on the inside covers from front to back. Solutions are provided, but for those seeking mindful activity or hours of puzzle decoding entertainment, getting there will be half the fun.

From the Publisher

Wander and Explore

My mazes take cues from the physical world I observe and are influenced by the work of artists I admire. My early fascination with M. C. Escher’s artwork inspired me to include surreal architecture and perspective based illusions, and later, years of drafting class, working construction, and eventually drawing building plans helped inform my interest in the simple beauty of buildings and structures. In art school I fell in love with the work of painters such as Richard Diebenkorn, Susan Rothenberg, and Keith Haring, and found inspiration in the line and color of comics artists such as Frank Miller, Bill Sienkiewicz, and the Hernandez brothers. I was hooked on sculpture and the way it defines space when Richard Serra installed one of his massive steel artworks near my art school in 1984. I also did a great deal of woodblock printing at this time, appreciating the limited palette, flat colors, and strong shapes. My color choices here also reflect my love of the animated films of Hayao Miyazaki, Pixar, and Disney’s new golden age.

My mazes are always hand drawn, first loosely sketched out to find the nature and life in them, without real perspective other than a hint here and there. The drawings are doodles that spread across the page, and the maze is the structure they cling to. Living in various cities (Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New York) I took to observing the way buildings fit together, and so I see the mazes growing like a city grows. There is some planning, but also delight in the irregular and unusual spaces that I discover in their creation.

Get from Here to There with Nearly 50 Absorbing Single-Page and Full-Spread Mazes

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