Hidden Genius


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Hidden Genius, Frank Mann, The Black Engineer Behind Howard Hughes

Frank Mann had the deck stacked against him from the very start. A Black child born to an unwed mother in 1908 Texas didn’t have much hope of becoming a success in Life. But in 1919 on a dusty Houston airfield, young Frank met a kindred soul, a boy named Howard Hughes .It was the start of a lifelong relationship, and together, these two men helped revolutionize the world with their unique inventions and designs. However, because Frank was Black, he did not always receive the credit he deserved and few people today know of his accomplishments.

Hidden Genius tells the little known story of a talented aeronautical and aerospace engineer, award winning sports car designer, soldier of fortune, WWII officer, and primary civilian instructor for the famed Tuskegee Airmen.

About the Author H.T. Bryer knew Frank Mann personally. He and his brother Paul Bryer, who was Frank’s best friend and confidant, have been on a two decade quest to restore this missing page of American history. Hidden Genius is the culmination of that effort.

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