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Many of us are walking around half unconscious to who we are and what makes us truly happy. This costs us in terms of missed opportunities to experience the thrill of life, not being able to tap into the source of our power, wandering aimlessly and searching for a better life, and feeling disconnected from our Self, our loved ones and the world. It doesn’t take much for you to wake up, become mindfully aware in the moment, and respond authentically to life. When you let your whole life become a meditation in progress, you don’t need to take much extra time or go out of your way to create the rich, rewarding, and enjoyable life that is meant to be yours. This book is stripped down to the basic essence of mindfulness meditation, offering 85 simple practices that will quickly help you: – find the juice and joy inside and all around you; – find the strength to take whatever you do to the next level; – find your core purpose so you always make the right choices; – find the courage to follow your heart and love deeply; and – ultimately, find your inner peace.

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