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Mindful Relationship Habits

•Do you think that you live and feel the NOW, or are you just going through life?

•Do you feel you are missing something out on your meaningful relationships by being passive?

Well, let me help you get back in your life’s driver’s seat through the book “Mindful Relationship Habits”.

Mindfulness is the practice of intentionally paying attention to the moment in a non-judgmental manner. It is an increasingly popular method to solve a variety of wellbe-ing and relationship problems. It changes the relationship with our feelings, gives us a new outlook on life and even our actions, and frees us from the grip of our emo-tions when we identify them.

Mindful Relationship Habits offers the following knowledge to incorporate in your life:

1.An understanding of the human need for connection

2.The Four Horsemen as reasons for failing relationships

3.The Perks of Mindful Relationships, e.g., emotion regulation, cognitive flexi-bility, and higher compassion and empathy.

4.The Power of Mindfulness through its ability to reduce stress and anxiety, ef-fective brain functioning, strong social skills, and better sleep.

5.Effective Mindfulness Techniques such as mindful eating, mindful commut-ing, Happy Mind Meditation, and Breathing and Observing Technique.

6.The “Fogg Behavior Model” helps you in changing troublesome behaviors and habits.

7.The Reasons we fail at changing our behavior

8.The Fundamentals of a Mindful Marriage. The habits discussed are emotional intelligence, learning acceptance, relationship vision, healthy sexual intimacy, productive conflicts, and mindful apologies.

9.The Fundamentals of Mindful Parenthood. The habits discussed are overcom-ing anger, appreciating children, actively listening, dealing with conflicts, and avoiding being a control freak.

10.The Fundamentals of Mindful Friendship. The habits discussed are practicing compassion and kindness, making time for focused contact, embracing the lows, effective communication bridge, mindful vault, and boundaries.

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