Mindfulness as a Second Language: A No-N...



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The Ultimate Guidebook for Anyone With a Brain!Do you get frustrated with yourself for not being able to speak Greek? Or Japanese? Or Swahili? Would you ever expect yourself to know a language without taking the time and putting in the work to learn it? So why get mad at yourself for having racing thoughts and fluctuating moods that sometimes feel out of your control? These are simply the result of not yet being fluent in the language of Mindfulness. Your ability to master your own mind is completely within your reach. Developing a consistent meditation practice is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and everyone you love. With guidance and effort, you will be fluent in Mindfulness in no time.Using this book as your guide, you will learn:• How to carve out the time and space you need for a daily dose of stillness — even in the middle of Grand Central Station!• To use breath, touch, sight, smell or sound to drop into easy meditations that anyone can do• Why the simple verb “to sit” can release you from stress and emotional strife• The value of daily meditation, and how little time it can take• A wide variety of techniques that will help you find the practice that works best for your circumstances, and most importantly…• How to stop judging yourself for the way your mind naturally behaves!This book is your first step in a journey towards peace, equanimity and having greater control over your thoughts, emotions, reactions and fears. It shares compelling stories of healing and resiliency unlike any you’ve heard before. Starting inside a Blackhawk helicopter over the deserts of New Mexico, it takes you from the frontlines of the US/Mexico border to the corporate offices of National Geographic to the cell blocks of the Los Angeles County Men’s Jail, all while sharing the anecdotes and insightful teachings that will show you how to tame your “monkey mind” and find the stillness you’ve been seeking all along.

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