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Discover How To Use Mindfulness Everywhere in Your Everyday Life

Within this book’s pages, you’ll find out how to live in the moment and be awakened by each experience, as well as meditation.

Publisher’s Note: This expanded second edition of Mindfulness has FRESH NEW CONTENT with more in depth information and ways for you to live a peaceful life

Many of you are probably wondering about the hype of mindfulness. Despite being around for thousands of years, the closing of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 marked a new surge of research and talk about mindfulness.Simply because mindfulness is the practice of being immersed in the moment. You are fully aware, focused, and attentive. Mindfulness has been studied by psychotherapists for a long time now, about 4 or 5 decades because it overlaps with their field and has been found as successful. Mindfulness has been known to reduce stress and help treat disorders such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and in some cases even addiction.

You may not think so now, but I can probably guess that you are busy all of the time. Your nights are too short. Your days are filled with too many tasks. Your caffeine isn’t strong enough to turn you into a superhero and more than anything; you wish you had the power to bend time to your will—or, at least, manipulate time enough so you can have the piece of mind to get through your ever-growing to-do list and find a sense of accomplishment. You wake up thinking about all the things you have to do that day and you go to bed reviewing everything you did do and everything you failed to do.

And just like you, there are so many others out there who are too busy dwelling on the past and worrying about the future, to realize they are living in a moment.

In this book, you’ll learn…

  • The Fundamental Idea Behind Mindfulness
  • Why You Should Use Mindfulness
  • The Components of Mindfulness
  • The Truth About the Mindful State
  • How to Deal With Emotions
  • How to Live Mindfully
  • How to Turn Chores into Opportunities to Meditate
  • How to Love Mindfully
  • How to Let Go Of Control
  • How to Gain Clarity through Mindfulness
  • Why You Should Use Mindfulness
  • How Mindfulness Kicks away Depression Better than Medications
  • And much more!

Download the book today to learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life!

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