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Bringing Balance to Your Daily Life

Inspirational meditations, mantras, and mindfulness tips are sprinkled throughout this treasure. Discover how to love more deeply, access creativity, increase health and abundance, manage stress and anxiety, face the unavoidable prospect of death, and slow the aging process!

As you turn the pages within this book and make its practices your own, you will enjoy:

  • Increased joy & happiness
  • Reduced stress & anxiety
  • Improved clarity & focus
  • Access to intuition & creativity
  • Increased vitality & health
  • Inner peace & calm

Each chapter opens with poetry to inspire your inner muse; to awaken that creative source within; imagery to stir the soul; to reflect. Developing your ability to reflect allows you to expand your vision and to see your world in a different light. You may even be inspired to take out a pen and paper and write your own poem.

The commentary following is filled with mindfulness training. You will find that reconnecting with your body will improve your ability to focus; that adding epsom salt to your bath will aid you in sound sleep; that noticing the colors within a painting will ignite your creativity.

Mindfulness training is recognized throughout the professional community as the leading tool to manage stress at the workplace. It is also found to bring peace at home.

Meditation and mindfulness techniques can be used to clear the mind, release the past, and attain goals. Each chapter leads you in one or more guided meditations or creative visualizations to bring clarity around the topic. These step-by-step meditations are easy to follow and repeat as often as you like.

You will learn how to:

  • Meditate to quiet the mind and relax the body
  • Use meditation to serve your overall health and happiness
  • Develop techniques to attract abundance
  • Use mantras to support your well-being and attain goals
  • Reflect on the hidden meanings of life and to be inspired by them
  • Develop a mindfulness practice
  • Be present in the moment
  • Maintain a sense of calm amidst a storm

The Mindfulness Tip of the Day is the collective nugget of wisdom gained throughout each chapter. These are fun to carry with you throughout the day.

Your mantra for each chapter is a powerful phrase to affirm that you have gained this wisdom and knowledge. By repeating it whenever you can, you strengthen its reality within you.

Open the pages and experience your journey of inner peace and outer joy. Click the ‘Look Inside’ feature to start reading now.

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