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“The Munchy and Jumpy stories have a perfect balance of humor and seriousness and they speak to a wide span of developmental ages. They inspired joy and curiosity in both of my kids (8 and 12) and were emotionally regulating for both of them.”

– Emily H., Family Therapist and Parent

An inspirational picture book lovingly designed to help young children identify feelings, take control of their behavior, and learn about their brains!

Munchy and Jumpy are two little bunnies with one big problem – very bad days. Like all kids, they experience anxiety and other emotions that are 100% normal and 0% fun. But with a little help from their uncle, the twin bunnies learn about double-days – they get to do their bad days all over again! The second chances teach Munchy and Jumpy about coping skills, positive relationships, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, their brains, and more!

Written with the help of therapists and teachers, this storybook is a heart-warming collection of classroom or bedtime stories with a great message. The content helps children 5 to 8 years old build resilience among common concerns like divorce, separation anxiety, and disappointment.

Part of Empowering Education’s K-8 curriculum, the Munchy and Jumpy tales are perfect for parents, educators, and school counselors. Each story comes with discussion questions, movements, and additional online resources that teach social skills and self-regulation to kids (there’s also an adorable coloring book you can download and print). The easy and fun activities are also simple enough for caregivers to use at home, or for teachers to use in the classroom.

With the purchase of the book, you’ll also get exclusive online access to counseling supplies, lesson plans, and other games & ideas.

Whether you’re interested in mindful parenting or behavior intervention, Munchy and Jumpy will make a great addition to your bookshelf.

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