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    Kevin Schoeninger and Stephen Skelton (aka Altair) guide you to take your meditation practice to the next level. Whether you’re a novice or an advanced meditator, you’ll learn the seven steps of Subtle Energy Meditation to elevate your inner state and raise our collective consciousness!    We live in a time when many feel overwhelmed by stress, pressure, and a persistent underlying sense of anxiety. Young and old search for inner resources and skills to handle these challenging times. A growing number of people who identify as spiritual, but not religious, seek inner practices to counter the outer demands that push us to our limits. Those devoted to a religious tradition are increasingly looking for deeper guidance in their inner spiritual life.     This book offers hope and guidance for all. It’s an inner curriculum to heal the current emotional crisis of our world. Just as the planet is expressing emotional turmoil in storms, earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, tsunamis, and other dramatic phenomena, these planetary events mirror what we are going through as a global society. Our global culture is shifting, old structures are dissolving, and we are searching for tools and resources to navigate new ways of being.     This book arose from a dialogue about the personal, spiritual, and planetary transformations possible through Subtle Energy Meditation. After decades of our own research, study, teaching, and practice, we find a pressing need for a thorough, step-by-step guide for this profound consciousness-shifting practice. Human existence may very well depend on our ability to discover and live from an elevated sense of Awareness that is available through this practice.     So, exactly what do we mean by this more “elevated” Awareness? To better understand, consider the typical progression of sensation and awareness when you practice meditation. In the beginning, meditation focuses on noticing “coarse” sensations such as your posture and breathing. As meditation deepens, you begin to notice more subtle sensations. For example, you sense the warmth of energy flowing through your hands, energetic tingling building at the top of your head, or buzzing sensations in various energy centers. These signs of subtle energy flow within the body are still largely physical, but they require a finer sensitivity to notice them.     Over time, meditation takes you to even deeper and more profound states of consciousness. As you become more experienced in meditation, you experience stillness, silence, and spaciousness as distinct subtle sensations. Through these more subtle sensations, you sense a Universal Consciousness that is the Source and Ground of Being. Shifting to these subtle states of awareness takes you beyond your usual sense of self–and the tensions associated with this sense of self–into a place of deep calm. You sense the finer frequencies of Peace, Love, and the inner Light of your essential being and realize Nondual Awareness beyond form or content–awareness of Awareness itself–a state of consciousness beyond self, time, and space. You realize that whatever arises, whether in meditation or not, is the natural radiance of Awareness itself. Life itself is Aware. Life itself is the thinker of all thoughts, the feeler of all emotions, and the doer of all actions. You are an expression of Life itself, of Pure Awareness coming into form.     There is One Life, One Light, One Love that flows through each of us in unique ways. Each of us has a unique mission and purpose. We are here to become clear channels through which the Universal Life Force flows in a diversity of expressions. This is the path of Subtle Energy Meditation.    In this book, and the accompanying meditations, we’ll guide you step-by-step into this ongoing practice. Through this process, you’ll transform your inner life, your relationships, and the quality of life on our Planet.

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