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How to systematically engineer creativity from nothing and unleash your inner ingenuity.

Creative thinking is surrounded by so much mystique and myth. It’s time to cut through the static and learn how to become an idea-generating machine.

Spark your imagination, improve your thinking, and solve problems.

Rapid Idea Generation will take you inside the mind of Leonardo da Vinci, famous polymath of the Italian Renaissance – but it won’t stop there. You will learn not only about da Vinci’s thinking techniques, but the general building blocks of creative thought, and habits and other famous creatives.
We go through a huge amount of thinking tools to expand your mind and see the world differently.

This book is a thorough handbook on what it means to think different and get outside the box. This is book is 100% applicable in solving the problem you have in front of you, or generating an idea out of thin air.

Stop relying on inspiration or motivation and make thinking outside the box second nature.

Peter Hollins has studied psychology and peak human performance for over a dozen years and is a bestselling author. He has worked with a multitude of individuals to unlock their potential and path towards success. His writing draws on his academic, coaching, and research experience

Think like one of history’s most famous creatives – and then some.

•Learn the biology and psychology of the creative mind.

Building blocks for creativity – from da Vinci and on.

•7 techniques to literally thousands of ideas.

Creativity routines and habits of household names.

•How to instantly switch to perspectives and angles.

Less theory, and more of exactly how to become a prolific creative like the masters.

This book is a huge boon for creatives. The ability to generate ideas can be the difference between work and unemployment, and you will gain smart systems to generate thousands.

Even if you’re not someone who works as a creative, creative thought is one of the most important skills you can ever learn. Life is all about getting from point A to point B, and creative thinking gives you 10X the opportunities. You can solve problems easier and quicker. And besides, a creative life is a fun, fulfilled, and happy life.

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This is the fifth book in the “Think Smarter, Not Harder” series as listed below:

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2. Endless Energy: A Blueprint for Productivity, Focus, and Self-Discipline – for the Perpetually Tired and Lazy

3. Think Like Sherlock: Creatively Solve Problems, Think with Clarity, Make Insightful Observations & Deductions, and Develop Quick & Accurate Instincts

4. The Science of Intelligent Decision Making: An Actionable Guide to Clearer Thinking, Destroying Indecision, Improving Insight, & Making Complex Decisions with Speed and Confidence

5. Rapid Idea Generation: How to Create, Innovate, Conceive, and Invent From Scratch [Second Edition]
6. The Brain Boost Blueprint: How To Optimize Your Brain for Peak Mental Performance, Neurogrowth, and Cognitive Fitness

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