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How many Words Do You Know?

Scrabble is the world’s most accessible and probably the world’s most beloved word game. A true family pastime, billions of Scrabble games have been played; they have led to friendly competition, banter, enhanced vocabularies, and education along with entertainment.

The beauty of Scrabble is that it can be played at varying levels of competence. As an entry level player, you might wait all game to get even one word on the Triple Word Score box, and feel completely satisfied when at last you do. However, for the veteran Scrabble expert, the Holy Grail is the Bingo or Bonus: a play that uses all seven tiles on his / her rack, thereby gaining fifty extra points, over and above the large number of points that will undoubtedly accrue from the play itself.

Many people think that the only way to get better at spotting potential Bingos hiding inside a forest of tiles is to play a million Scrabble games till your instinct tells you about it. However, this is not the only way. In this book, you will be trained in a series of systematic exercises that will make you a Scrabble Superhero.

Practice makes perfect, and that is definitely the theme of this book. Over the course of thousands and thousands of sample Scrabble racks, each with seven letters on it, your brain will be forced to think laterally and look for the Bingo hiding in plain sight. As you work through the hundreds of hours of puzzles available in this book, you will see that your Scrabble skills are enhanced in two ways: your mind will get better at spotting a Bingo through an intuitive leap of logic, rather than having to work through the tedious word unscrambling process in full. In addition, you will learn many new useful Scrabble words; even if you don’t use them every day, 50 points are worth carrying around a few extra words in your brain!

Board games, words, and fun!

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