Simply Squares Easy: A simpler mindfulne...



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(as of Apr 04,2021 14:25:32 UTC – Details)

50 more beautiful, geometric illustrations.

A simpler mindfulness coloring book.

Designed with fewer shapes per page than the rest of the series. Good for beginners or anyone who wants simpler, beautiful, geometric coloring pages

Some days are peaceful, and some days are chaotic. All days are different, like the pages in this coloring book. Unwind, destress, and relax while you color in the pages of this book.

Express your creativity and make abstract, modern art. Use these repeating, mesmerizing patterns as design inspiration. There is no right or wrong way to color this book. Relax, be mindful, and enjoy slowing down with this coloring book. Or let out your frustration, and go outside the lines!

  • Designed for all ages.
  • Open ended designs. Make abstract pop art, or try to mimic nature’s patterns.
  • Great for all skill levels, with some simple and some complex illustrations
  • Beautiful high resolution prints.
  • Printed on one side per page, no need to worry about marker bleed-through.
  • Works well with any coloring tool (markers, crayon, pencil, pen).
  • The perfect gift for any occasion, or for yourself as self-care.

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