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The easiest tool to transform your life in just 5 minutes a day!

  • Improve your happiness, mental health, mood, sleep, self-esteem, relationships, energy, career.
  • Reduce your stress, anxiety, fear, fatigue, toxic emotions (envy, resentment, regret, depression).

Don’t get swept up in the complaints and busy lifestyles we all have. Start and end your day positively with the Start With Gratitude journal for women and men!

How is this gratitude journal different?

  • Set up to make getting started easy and staying consistent doable.
  • Different daily prompts to give you variety and keep it fun.
  • Thought-provoking prompts that are just enough to get you focused on things to be grateful for, but not too many that it becomes a chore.
  • Classy, beautiful paperback that you don’t mind sitting on a coffee table or nightstand.
  • Extra creative ways to think about your day – there’s always one unexpected extra question like “What made you smile today?”
  • Ideal for busy people who find it hard to find time. You could spend 2 minutes or 10 minutes on each day’s questions.
  • Very well picked quotes – some will inspire you, some provoke you, some will make you think and some will truly make you laugh.
  • Lack of pressure as you can add your own date. The format lets you miss a day without entering into panic mode, “OMG, I skipped a day”.
  • Helps you stay positive and motivated with reflection points every 30 days.
  • The perfect paperback size (100 pages at 7.5″ x 9.25″), so that it can slip in a laptop bag or even a large purse and always be ready for use

This deceptively simple yet effective journal is a must for anyone in recovery or having a hard time and amazing to have for anyone else who wants to be happier.

This book will train your mindset to always focus on what’s truly important and appreciate the small things, which is the key to a successful, fulfilling, happy life.

If you are looking for unique, spiritual, relaxation, self-care gifts then this positivity manifestation, affirmation and mindfulness guided journal is just for you.

Buy now to change your life and the life of the people you love for the better (gift them one too)!

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