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Hey you!

Yeah You! Your child needs to STOP and Read This Book!

Why? Well, I’ll Tell you!

This book is fun, interactive and at times even silly, but you’d never guess what it’s really up to!

“STOP and Read This Book” is an interactive reading experience for children based on grounding exercises commonly used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and anger management. The book takes a 5-4-3-2-1 sensory grounding approach to pull children out of ager, anxiety, and overthinking through simple engaging activities and bright colorful images.

The Interactive Epub edition of “STOP and Read This Book” features clickable elements and animation, making it a perfect edition to your digital library that you can take with you anywhere when your child needs a quick brain break.

The Ebook is best viewed horizontally on a device that supports epub3 format. Load times may vary depending on your device.

Bright, friendly illustrations and child friendly text combine with grounding techniques and mindful breathing exercises, making this sensory book the perfect addition to your calm down corner.

Preschoolers and older kids alike will find something to love in this silly book designed for mindful sensory exploration!

Disclaimer: This book is for fun and not intended to treat any illness. While this book is a fun way to introduce concepts to your child that are commonly used in therapy, the author is not a licensed counselor or psychiatrist. If you suspect your child struggles with anxiety or has a serious mental or developmental condition, please seek the advice of a qualified professional.

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